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Distracted drivers on America’s roads cause a minimum of 3,100 deaths and over 400,000 injuries each year.  Help us end Distracted Driving!


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COVID-19 Pandemic Update

This past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has not allowed us to raise the funds we typically raise for the Toni and Baby RJ Memorial Scholarship.  Without the ability to gather at our two largest fundraisers and other events, the Annual Adelphia Night and Annual Bike Run could not take place.  Our donation amounts have drastically been reduced this year.  With that being said, we were still able to award $8,000 to 8 worthy graduating seniors this year!

As we continue our distracted driving campaign, we need your help more than ever to carry on our mission. Please, make a donation! Your contribution to our 501c3 nonprofit will go directly towards our program to help fund our Memorial Scholarships. Remember, any donation is tax deductible.

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Checks can made payable to:
The Toni Donato-Bolis Baby RJ Foundation
Mailed to:
PO Box 9054
Blackwood NJ 08012.

Welcome to the Toni & Baby RJ Foundation

At the Toni & Baby RJ Foundation, we are committed to educating drivers on the dangers of driving distracted through publically sharing their story.

On June 1, 2011, Toni Donato Bolis, 28 years old, and her unborn son, were killed in a motor vehicle crash caused by a distracted driver using a cell phone.

Toni was less than a mile a way from home and less than 36 hours away from giving birth to her second child, Ryan Jeffrey.

On Pitman-Downer Road in Washington Township, NJ, a driver distracted by using his cell phone entered the lane of opposing traffic.  After missing two other cars, he struck Toni's SUV head on.

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